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Facebook Surpasses Microsoft In UK Web Popularity

A new report suggests that Facebook has replaced software giant Microsoft to become the second most popular website in the United Kingdom.

Web-based measurement company United Kingdom Online Measurement (opens in new tab) (UKOM) nearly 26.8 million users in the country visited Facebook in May as opposed to 26.2 million users who visited Microsoft’s powered websites MSN, Bing Search, and Windows Live in the same month, Reuters (opens in new tab)reports.

UKOM believes that the surge in Facebook traffic is due to people over 50 years who are signing up for social networking in increasing numbers.

"The growth in audiences to these social networks is now primarily being driven by the 50-plus age group. Just a few years ago, this group may have found itself out of place on these sites," said James Smythe, general manager at UKOM.

Overall there has been a seven percent rise in Facebook’s user base in the UK over last one year. The user base of micro blogging website Twitter in the country has also increased by one third to reach 6.1 million. Google remains the highest scorer with 33.9 million visitors in May this year.

Although Facebook is gaining ground in the UK its American user base has actually decreased slightly in recent months, showing that Facebook is beginning to saturate the US market.