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Former PM Blair's Personal Info Stolen And Leaked

Hackers claim to have stolen the National Insurance number of former UK prime minister Tony Blair, along with other personal information.

News reports have revealed that hackers leaked a file that contains Blair’s National Insurance number as well as contact information of his friends and colleagues. Contact details of Tony and Cherie Blairs' family members have also been leaked..

The file was first leaked on but certain details from the file soon started to make the rounds on Twitter. Hacker group Team Poison took credit for the data leak.

The hacker group claimed that the phone numbers might have changed but the information was one hundred percent correct. They also informed that the hack took place in December 2010.

According to an article on The (opens in new tab) Daily Mail (opens in new tab), the leaked file contains phone numbers of former Lord Chancellor Lord Irvine and Labour MP Denis MacShane.

“This information has not been obtained from Tony Blair or any of his office systems. This appears to be information from the personal email account of a former member of staff from a few years ago,” said a spokesperson for Tony Blair.

Although this follows a recent spate of attacks against prominent websites, including government sites, there does not appear to be any connection between this latest attack and LulzSec.