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IOC Warns Athletes, Says Refrain From Social Networking During Games

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has issued a strict warning to the participating athletes in the upcoming London Olympics, asking them not to overstep the mark on social networking use during the event.

As announced by the IOC officials, any athlete found to be posting “vulgar or obscene word or images” on Twitter or Facebook during the event, will face immediate consequences, which may even lead to his or her expulsion from the world’s largest and oldest sporting event.

The IOC also insisted that players keep their updates confined to first person diary entries only.

“Bloggers and tweeters must, however, restrict themselves to "first-person, diary-type formats", must not report on events in the manner of journalists and must ensure their posts do not contain "vulgar or obscene words or images”, according to a Reuters report.

The move, as pointed out by analysts, won’t prevent athletes from using social media sites to stay in touch with their close ones and fans. However, it does stop them from covering their day-to-day experiences in the style of journalists.

Also, the new policy taken by the IOC will allow still photographs to be taken inside the venues, but not audio and video broadcast. IOC officials claim that this is an essential step they had to take in order to safeguard and preserve IOC’s intellectual property.