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Kids To Learn Defensive Hacking Techniques At Defcon

The Defcon hacker conference in the US is inviting children in the US to learn defensive hacker techniques.

In a first of its kind initiative, the Defcon conference, which is held in Las Vegas each year, will be teaching children aged between 8 to 16 years defensive hacking techniques to give rise to a new generation of ethical hackers.

The conference, which is being held each year since 1993, will this year hold kids seminar in which children will be encouraged to use their skills in a positive way and not become criminal hackers who steal data and money when they grow up.

According to an article on Reuters, the children will be taught defensive techniques in order to prevent offensive cyber attacks.

Some of the techniques that will be taught to children include ways to block someone from spying on a wireless network. The children will also learn how to break master locks and locate confidential information posted on Google’s search engine.

The conference will also teach children how to crack console hardware to play games and break software codes. However, the children will be encouraged not to get on the ‘darkside’ of hacking. It seems that the word 'script kiddies' will be getting a whole new meaning after all.