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Late News: NHS Testing Cloud Storage, Facebook Surpasses Microsoft Website, GeoHot Joins Facebook

Under a new pilot programme, an NHS hospital will store patients’ medical records in the cloud in order to save storage costs and improve operational flexibility. The trial, which is being conducted by the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, will store patients’ records using cloud technology instead of storing the data on on-site computers.

A new report suggests that Facebook has replaced software giant Microsoft to become the second most popular website in the United Kingdom. Web-based measurement company United Kingdom Online Measurement (UKOM) nearly 26.8 million users in the country visited Facebook in May as opposed to 26.2 million users who visited Microsoft’s powered websites MSN, Bing Search, and Windows Live in the same month, Reuters reports.

Facebook has reportedly hired George Hotz who is most famous for hacking the PlayStation Player and iPhone. George Hotz, also known as GeoHot, landed a job with Facebook soon after the lawsuit filed against him by Sony for hacking its gaming console ended, reports Geeky Gadgets.

Retailer Best Buy has stopped taking online orders for the Apple Macbook Air, indicating that Apple is planning a device refresh in the near future. According to an article on Apple Insider, the computers are currently listed on the Best Buy website as ‘Not Available for Shipping’. Apple on the other hand is still offering the computer from both its online stores and retail outlets.

Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed a Zelda gaming title as well as a web browser for Nintendo’s forthcoming gaming console Wii U. In an exclusive interview with Kotaku, a dedicated video games blog, Miyamoto, who is the general manager of Entertainment Analysis and Development at Nintendo, revealed that Wii U will soon host a high definition Zelda game.

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