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Lulzsec Released More Than 750,000 Emails & EA Accounts Details: Check If Yours Is In there

A Malaysian-based web development agency called Dazzlepod has produced a rather helpful online tool that allows users to check whether their email and password was compromised over the 50 days that Lulzsec went around, hacked sites and released its booty on the interwebs.

The tool looks through a total of 551,000 accounts at the time of writing (that number is growing by the hour) coming from a number of sources including hacking, gaming and governmental organisations.

The Dazzlepod service allows the user to look for part or the whole of an email address or account name (eg admin) with the corresponding password hidden. It is not character sensitive and does not support special characters either; surprisingly, Dazzlepod advises users not to put their complete email in the box to protect their privacy.

The list contains accounts with username and password combinations from Battlefield Heroes Beta, the game published by EA which was Lulzsec's last slam before being disbanded over the weekend.

Unfortunately, the fact that Dazzlepod has put the complete list of emails and usernames online means that site spiders will index them and spammers may find the site to be a gold mine for valid and genuine emails, although they might have used the original files obtained by Lulzsec anyway.