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NHS Pilot Programme Stores Patient Records On The Cloud

Under a new pilot programme, an NHS hospital will store patients’ medical records in the cloud in order to save storage costs and improve operational flexibility.

The trial, which is being conducted by the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, will store patients records using cloud technology instead of storing the data on on-site computers.

Storing medical records on the cloud will allow doctors to readily access patient data from anywhere, bringing an entirely new level of flexibility.

Patients will be able to access their medical records in real-time and will be able to control who has access to their data. They will also be able to share the data with doctor of their choice.

The entire cloud based storage project has been developed by Scotland based Flexiant and Edinburgh Napier University, The (opens in new tab)Telegraph (opens in new tab) reported.

“For the first time patients can have control over their treatment and their records and that is enormously empowering,” Tony Lucas, the founder of Flexiant, said in a statement. He added that the service would change the way patients will be treated in the UK in the future.

A specific timeline for when the new patient records programme might be rolled out in other NHS hospitals has not yet been released.