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Nintendo Confirms HD Zelda Game For Wii U

Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed a Zelda gaming title as well as a web browser for Nintendo’s forthcoming gaming console Wii U.

In an exclusive interview with Kotaku, a dedicated video games blog (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab), Miyamoto, who is the general manager of Entertainment Analysis and Development at Nintendo, revealed that Wii U will soon host a high definition Zelda game.

Miyamoto denied any competition with PSP maker Sony and Xbox manufacturer Microsoft to become number one video game company in the world, re-affirming that company’s sole aim is to provide its customers with a great experience.

He has also revealed that Nintendo’s Wii U controller will host an built-in web browser and dedicated touch screen enabling users to access the Internet. Nintendo believes that incorporating a web browser into the handheld gaming console is a significant achievement that will improve user experience.

“This is an HD system and we want to create a real HD Zelda game for it. You have a screen available that you can check not just for gaming, but to do things like browse the Internet.” stated Miyamoto.

A new line-up of Mario games are expectedd to be released alongside the new Zelda title when the Wii U is eventually launched.