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Noon News: Ryan Cleary Diagnosed With Asperger’s Syndrome, LulzSec Quits, Microsoft Testing Spectrum For Super Wi-Fi

Ryan Cleary, the 19 year old teenager arrested for hacking into the UK Serious Organised Crimes Unit website, has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Cleary, who resides in Wickford, Essex, was picked up by the police following a joint investigation involving Scotland Yard and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Researchers trying to develop a brain-like computer have achieved a breakthrough in the project, bringing the revolutionary technology one-step closer to reality. Scientists at the University of Exeter have succeeding in the first phase of developing a technology that could make computing a faster process by using less energy. TG Daily reports.

Hacker group LulzSec has decided to stop its hacking escapades after 50 days of activity as law enforcement agencies continue to search for the identity of its members. LulzSec claimed that it had planned to quit after 50 days of creating havoc and exposing security vulnerabilities on websites belonging to prominent organisations.

The disbanding of LulzSec has coincided with hacking brotherhood Anonymous releasing another set of files which includes documents and links to security and hacking resources on the internet, many of them free, various template letters, hacking and counter hacking tools as well as the addresses of FBI bureaus in the US.

On Wednesday a Microsoft-led consortium will begin testing unused terrestrial television spectrum to investigate if it could be used to support new age Smartphones. According to The Financial Times the companies hope to tap unused radio spectrum, also called white spaces, to power the wireless network for future generations of Smartphones.

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