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Onlive App Lets People Watch Online Games On The HTC Flyer

HTC’s Flyer tablet has received the cloud based Onlive Viewer service that allows users to watch online gaming on their Android based devices.

As the name suggests, the app will allow users to simply watch online gaming instead of playing the games.

Onlive, which offers the app on Apple’s iPad tablet device as well, plans to bring full game playing functionality to tablets in the future as well as to its native controller in the near future. Presumably the ability to take part in online gaming instead of standing on the sidelines will boost Onlive's user base significantly.

The Onlive Viewer application is available for free for HTC Flyer tablet but an article on The Inquirer (opens in new tab) reports that the app can be installed on any Android device using the Android Package file (apk) for the app available on XDA developer forums.

The app is not available from the Android Market, so users will have to look for device updates to download the app.

“I just checked my Flyer for an update and OnLive Viewer just popped up. After a quick download, I created an account and poked around a bit. I was unable to play any free trials but I would assume functionality is just around the corner,” one Flyer user wrote on the XDA forums.