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Court scrambles to accommodate Ryan Cleary

Suspected botnet operator, Ryan Cleary has been remanded in custody for an additional day as the court is has been unable to set a hearing for his bail appeal.

Cleary was arrested by the Metropolitan Police in connection woth attack an carried out by 'hacktivism' group Anonymous on the British Phonographic Industry and one that put the Serious Organised Crime Agency offline, apprently organised by cracker cabal LulzSec.

While chat logs leaked from LulzSec's IRC server have cast doubt over Cleary's involvement with the group, the Met is continuing to press its case against the Aspergers-suffering teen for his alleged misdeeds.

Cleary was due to appear before Southwark Crown Court today on a bail hearing, but this has now been put back until tomorrow due to capacity issues at the court. As a result, he will be spending at least one more night in the cells.

While our attempts to raise someone at the court for an explanation have failed, The Guardian's Josh Halliday is at the scene and has posted the following to Twitter (opens in new tab): "[The] Court has been told Ryan Cleary is 'vulnerable' so [is] trying to find space to hear his bail case today."

UPDATE 1516:
Halliday further reports (opens in new tab): "Ryan Cleary's bail case will be heard 'as soon as a courtroom becomes available' from now. Court made exception for his 'vulnerability.'"

UPDATE 1644:
Cleary has been granted conditional bail, with a curfew and no Internet access permitted. His lawyer has issued a statement to press claiming: "Ryan is very relieved to go home to his mum, his cats, and his books." monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.