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T-Mobile Introduces £5.21 Android Smartphone Contracts

Everything Everywhere's T-Mobile is running a special offer for Quidco members and is offering the Samsung Galaxy Apollo for as little as £5.21 per month for 12 months, reverting to £10.21 for the remaining 12 months of the contract.

The total cost of ownership for that period is just over £185 or £7.71 per month net; that's a saving of £60. For the outlay, users will get 100 minutes, 100 texts and unlimited internet with a 500MB data allowance. Heavier users will likely have to look elsewhere for more minutes or a significantly better phone.

As for the phone itself, it is a decent entry level model, although not as spectacular as the likes of the Orange San Francisco or ZTE Blade. It comes with Samsung SEC S5P6422 which runs at 667MHz, 256MB RAM, 512MB ROM, a 3.2-inch 240x400 pixel capacitive screen, a 1500mAh battery, access to Android Market, a three-megapixel camera (but no front facing camera) , Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, a 1GB microSD card, Android OS 2.1 (upgradable to 2.2) and an estimated seven hours talk time.

By slashing the cost of Android contracts to new lows, T-Mobile has positioned Google's mobile platform at the entry level of the market and it easily matches and even undercuts other simpler feature phones on offer.