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UK Police Maps Will Include Criminals' Names, Photos

UK ministers have revealed that names and photos of convicted criminals who have committed a crime in the area could accompany police crime maps.

According to an article on the Sunday Times (opens in new tab), Nick Herbert, the minister for policing and criminal justice, said that the initiative is aimed at providing better transparency and accountability.

UK law enforcement offers maps that show the number of crimes committed in a particular area. Soon the maps will be accompanied by photos and names of criminals along with the details of the crimes that they committed.

The initiative is currently undergoing a trial in West Yorkshire and will be rolled out in more areas if the initial trials go well.

“We want to build on the success of the crime mapping website by adding more information about how offences are actually dealt with in the criminal justice system,” said Herbert in a statement.

"A trailblazing project is being run by West Yorkshire police to map justice outcomes. We are determined to increase transparency and enable the public to hold the justice system to account." he added.

Privacy group Liberty pointed out that local newspapers have been doing exactly the same thing for years.