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Anonymous Sets Up School For Hackers Complete With SQL Injection Tutorials

Hacktivist 'collective' Anonymous has apparently set up a web site which gives instructions on how to disrupt web sites using easily available tools.

Tech site thinq_ suggests that the move is in response to the recent disbandment of hacking japesters LulzSec who have spent the last couple of months making large corporations and governement institutions look rather foolish when it comes to their ability to prevent security attacks on their web sites.

Under the Anonymous banner of Operation InfoSec, the Hacking 101 offers information on hacking techniques including as the 'SQL injection' method used by both Anonymous and LulzSec in a number of their high-profile hacking attacks.

A PDF of a number of basic hacking guides published by the 'School4Lulz' has also been posted to a number of well-known web sites.