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e-Reader Ownership Doubles, Tablet Sales Rise More Slowly

A new survey conducted in May revealed that the market share of electronic readers has doubled in the last six months, while tablet growth has been relatively slow.

Oownership of e-readers in the United States has essentially in last six months whereas sales of computer tablets have not seen nearly as much growth. This report stands in contrast the frequent predictions that multipurpose mobile computers will leave dedicated devices like e-readers in the dust, PC World (opens in new tab) reports.

The report (opens in new tab)clearly states that owners of e readers such as Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook have doubled in six months while owners of Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab have only risen slightly. The total ownership of e readers in the US has reached 12 percent in May 2011 from 6 percent in November 2010. Interestingly, share of tablet owners has increased by one percent only.

The report is based on the survey (opens in new tab)of 2,277 respondents, conducted by Pew Internet between April 26 and May 22 this year. The respondents are 18 years and above in age. The survey was performed both in English and Spanish.

The tablet market has been dominated by Apple's iPad, but with a number of new products in the works tablet ownership could grow in the future as the tablet market becomes more competitive this year.