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Facebook Bans KDE Image Upload Apps, Deletes User Photos

Facebook has put a ban on apps that use KDE Image Plug-in and has even deleted the images that have been uploaded using the apps.

According to an article on Network World, the company has blocked applications like digikam and gwenview which use the open source KDE plug-in.

Photo apps that use the plug-in allow users to not only upload the photos on Facebook but also download them. The most worrying part is that Facebook has also deleted the images that were uploaded using the apps.

The social networking giant is yet to clarify its move and its inability to retain the photos has worried many.

Facebook deleting the images busts the myth that once the data is stored on Facebook, it will remain their forever. Users should always make back-ups of their images that they store on Facebook and must be prepared for anything.

“When I try to upload a picture to Facebook using KIPI plug-in, it gives an error message "Facebook Call Failed: Application has been deleted".” one user wrote on the KDE Bug Tracking System page.

“I also noticed that previously uploaded pictures that were uploaded using KIPI

disappear from my Facebook account. Other pictures that were not uploaded using

KIPI are displaying fine,” he added.