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Firefox 7 Will Drop 'http' From Naviation Toolbar

Open source outfit Mozilla has decided to do away with the ‘http://’ URL prefix in version 7 of the Firefox web browser which is due to launch in September.

The most recent release of Firefox 7 does not come with the URL prefix. Instead, users merely see the subdomain of the URL, Tom's Guide reports.

The browser also grays out the www. part in order to emphasise the core address of the website and give users a fair idea about their location. However, the web browser continues to show the secure ‘https://’ prefix when applicable in order to provide greater security to users.

Firefox is not the first web browser to get rid of the prefix. Rivals Google Chrome and Opera ditched the URL prefix some time ago, but like Firefox they also show the secure URL when it is being used.

The feature is long way from debuting in a public version of Firefox, with Mozilla only releasing Firefox 5 recently. After the release of Firefox 5, Mozilla declared that it would no longer support Firefox 4, angering enterprise users as they had devoted considerable time to testing the browser.

Mozilla was quick to point out that enterprise users constituted only a fraction of Firefox’s user base and added that enterprise had never been Mozilla's focus anyways.