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First iOS Jailbreakers Convention Will Be Held In September

The global community of iOS jailbreakers will hold their first convention in September this year.

MyGreatFest, a global convention for jailbreakers dedicated to every thing iOS, will be held at the historic Old Truman Brewery in London.

The organisers of the event were quick to point out that they plan to demonstrate that jailbreaking iOS is not aimed at piracy or copyright infringement. Event attendees will be coached on how to use their iDevices to the fullest.

Jailbreakers will also be taught how to crack their iDevices and use apps to make the best of what they have.

"Our mission is to become the largest jailbreak/(i)community convention for coders, themers, hackers, developers or any other mobile device user. To leave others with the better understanding of what jailbreaking actually means to us, and that it does not stand for piracy," the group said, GMA News (opens in new tab) reports.

"We aim to build upon a community that we believe to be the best there is. So please, tell the world our mission. MyGreatFest, for the community, by the community," they added.

Developer Craig Fox who is organising the event revealed that jailbreakers @p0sixninja, @pod2g, and @limneos will be among the developers giving a presentation during the event.