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Google CEO Warns Of Increasing Internet Censorship

On Monday, Google CEO Eric Schmidt warned about governments or regimes trying to curb the freedom of Internet and has voiced his fears over the arrest of Google employees in such countries.

Schmidt warned that some countries have geared up their efforts to regulate web services, especially after social networking played a significant role in protest movements during the Arab Spring, the BBC (opens in new tab)reports.

While addressing the Summit Against Violent Extremism in Dublin, Ireland, Schmidt said that countries where regimes prevailed are trying to clamp down on the Internet by increasing censorship in order to curb public protests.

"If you look at television in most of these countries, television is highly regulated because the leaders, partial dictators, half dictators or whatever you call them understand the power of television imagery to keep their citizenry in some bucket," Schmidt said during the summit. He also added that the problem is going to worsen in the future.

The Google chief also expressed concerns about the welfare of Google employees in such countries who he fears could be arrested and tortured at the hands of the regimes.

Schmidt refused to give any specific examples of countries censoring the internet.