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Google Dragged To Court By French Ad Publishing Firm 1PlusV

A France based ad publishing firm has filed a lawsuit against Google, accusing it of anti-competitive practices.

In the lawsuit, 1plusV alleges that the search engine giant blacklisted 30 of its vertical search engines targeted at particular markets, PCWorld informs.

Google has also been accused of manipulating the results of its search engine to block competing products and promote its own. The French company has demanded $420 million from Google in damages.

The company arrived at the massive figure by estimating the sales delivered by the 30 vertical search engines in the past and future. 1plusV also included the profit it would have made if it had sold the vertical search engines if they performed nicely.

“Google employed a number of anti-competitive practices and unethical behaviour over a period of four years to cripple 1PlusV’s ability to generate business and advertising,” 1PlusV said in a statement.

The alleged practices deployed by Google included “suffocation of technological competitors” and “manipulation of ‘natural results”.

Google said that it was aware of the lawsuit and claimed that it always tried to give the best services to its users.