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Google Reaches 500K Android Activations Per Day, 1M By October

The growth of Android is accelerating rather than slowing down, as the latest indication of that acceleration was revealed by none other than Android's head honcho, Andy Rubin, who tweeted that there are now over 500,000 Android devices being activated every day.

He also revealed that the rate of growth is currently standing at 4.4 per cent per week; that's around 20 per cent in one month, or 75 per cent over a quarter (13 weeks) and, if the growth rate is maintained, Android will reach the one million activations per day milestone in 16 weeks from now, towards the end of October.

Last month during the I/O developer conference, Hugo Barra, Product Management Director for Android at Google, announced that it had more than 100 million Android devices running in 112 countries with 215 carriers and 36 manufacturers on its partner list.

Back then, Google claimed that they had reached 400,000 activations per day, compared to 300,000 activations in December, half that in August and 100,000 in May 2010, which tallies with the fact that Android activations roughly quadruple in number every year.

Apple's Steve Jobs confirmed at the Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this month that the company had sold around 200 million iOS devices up till now. In January 2011, Apple said that it was selling more than 366,000 iOS devices per day (a total which includes iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad), up by around 60 per cent compared to its last estimates of 230,000 daily iOS activations on the 1st of September last year.

In other words, Google's growth rate (200 per cent every four months) is more than three times bigger than Apple's iOS growth rate (60 per cent over the same period).

Google's rise is bound to continue as the company brings together Honeycomb and Android with Chrome OS expected to be merged with Android down the line. As for fears of fragmentation, they have been minimized by Google which has already started to pressure its partners (both handset makers and telecoms operators) to bring down the level of customisation of the OS code.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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