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Late News: Skype Preps Video Conferencing App For iPad 2, Xbox Still Young Claims Microsoft, 500k Activation per Day for Android

Popular VoIP services provider Skype is preparing to launch a dedicated video conferencing app for Apple’s iPad 2 tablet PC devices in direct competition with Apple’s FaceTime service. The fact that Microsoft is acquiring Skype for $8.5 billion indicates that Microsoft plans to continue Skype's presence on multiple platforms, providing multiple services.

Microsoft has revealed that the only way to eradicate a new type of rootkit is to completely reinstall the Windows operating system. In a blog post, Microsoft’s Chun Feng reported that in order to fix the rootkit, users would have to use their recovery CDs to reinstate the system to a pre-infected state which basically means that users would be required to reinstall the operating system.

A new survey conducted in May revealed that the market share of electronic readers has doubled in the last six months, while tablet growth has been relatively slow. Ownership of e-readers in the United States has essentially in last six months whereas sales of computer tablets have not seen nearly as much growth.

Microsoft has claimed that its Xbox 360 console is only halfway through its lifecycle. In an interview with CVG, Chris Lewis, Microsoft Xbox vice president for EMEA, said that the Kinect motion gaming system had boosted the lifecycle of the six year old gaming console. His comments come as rumours about a successor to Xbox 360, supposedly called the Xbox 720, continue to make the rounds in the industry.

The growth of Android is accelerating rather than slowing down, as the latest indication of that acceleration was revealed by none other than Android's head honcho, Andy Rubin, who tweeted that there are now over 500,000 Android devices being activated every day.

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