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Norton Stresses On Smartphone And Tablet Security

Smartphone and tablet owners have been advised to take data security more seriously and install latest security software in their devices.

According to tech website Code Stone, antivirus software developer Norton has encouraged mobile phone users for both personal and business purposes to take security of their devices very seriously.

Con Mallon, director of regional product marketing at Norton stated that so far only 163 vulnerabilities have been noted in last one year in comparison to 6,500 vulnerabilities for Microsoft’s operating system Windows and Apple’s iOS.

However, Mallon warned users and companies alike to seek more awareness regarding the data security as rise in the Smartphone and tablet market share has exposed them as potential objects for cyber attacks.

Mallon also advised organisations to make sure their employees using remote access software to work for their companies from home are vigilant and adequately protected.

“Really just trying to get the public more involved, more attuned, more knowledgeable about the requirement to basically start to take security seriously on their Smartphones and on tablets." stated Mallon.

He said while putting in money to buy a high-end Smartphone or tablet computer users must make sure to protect their device properly.

A recent research by Juniper revealed that hardly one in 20 multimedia devices have third party security software installed.