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Shopping On Tablets Usually Done While Watching TV

A new study conducted by a price comparison website has revealed that a majority of tablet owners do their online shopping while also streaming TV shows.

The study, conducted by Shopzilla, reported that 71 percent of tablet users shop online and watch TV programmes on their tablet devices at the same time, thanks to dual screen technology, ShopSafe (opens in new tab)reports.

Shopzilla also revealed that more than half of consumers do their online shopping while their friends are around.

“The year of mobile commerce, which has been predicted for some time, is finally here. With the explosion of the tablet market we are seeing a seismic change and the opportunity will be for the retailers who are first to get it right," Shopzilla said in a statement.

The study also projected that around 20 percent of online shoppers plan to purchase a tablet PC device next year. Shopzilla also informed that 6 percent of online shoppers in Europe already own a tablet PC device.

“Since their launch in April last year, an astonishing 25 million iPads have been sold worldwide, and with one in five online shoppers telling us they plan to buy a tablet in the next 12 months, this is clearly set to be a huge trend for UK shoppers,” the website added.