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Sony Says It Was Attacked Because It Protected Its Intellectual Property Rights

Sony CEO Howard Stringer has claimed that the company’s PlayStation Network was hacked because Sony protected its intellectual property.

Stringer, speaking during a shareholders conference, said that the company’s IP was an important asset and it suffered a cyber attack because it tried to protect itself against theft.

Sony’s PlayStation Network online gaming service for the PlayStation 3 gaming console was targeted with a massive cyber attack in April. The hackers succeeded in compromising the personal and account details belonging to 77 million users.

The company was forced to take the service offline across the globe in order to protect affected users and fix the security issues. It took Sony a month to activate the service in the US and Europe but PSN continues to remain offline in Japan.

Sony is currently investigating the cyber attack along with several law enforcement agencies but it is yet to announce any progress in the investigation.

"We believe that we first became the subject of attack because we tried to protect our IP (intellectual property), our content, in this case videogames," Stringer said.

"These are our corporate assets, and there are those that don't want us to protect them. They want everything to be free." he added.

Many poeple believe the attack was prompted by Sony's prosecution of George Hotz for jailbreaking the PS3. Describing this as theft is controversial since Hotz was using devices that he legally owned in ways that Sony had prohibited.