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US Government Filed The Most Requests For User Data, Google Reports

Google has released a new report that details the demands for disclosing user data made by various governments.

In its Google Transparency Report, the company revealed that the United States filed more than twice as many requests for data than any other country. Google said that it complied with the requests 94 percent of the time but only after determining the legality of the requests, TG Daily (opens in new tab)reports.

According to the information released by Google, the first of its kind released by any major online company, the US government made a total of 4,601 requests to disclose information on Google users between July and December last year.

Meanwhile, the UK government made 1,162 data requests in the second half of 2010 with Google complying with 72 percent of the requests. The UK makes the fourth highest number of requests on users.

The United States is followed by Brazil which made 1,804 requests and India in the third place with 1,699 requests. Google had to comply with 76 percent and 79 percent of the requests made by Brazil and Google respectively.

“The number of requests we receive for user account information as part of criminal investigations has increased year after year. The increase isn't surprising, since each year we offer more products and services, and we have a larger number of users,” Google said.

The report did not include China since the Chinese government considers all requests for information to be state secrets.