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Google has developed so many tools that many people don't really know what all is available, but a new website has been discovered that is apparently meant to change that by telling people what Google products help them do what they love.

Google’s which is short for ‘What Do You Love?’ allows users to conduct searches on Google products, TechCrunch (opens in new tab) reports.

The whole aim of the website is to encourage users to do the thing they love using various Google products.

Of course many people, such as those at ZDNet, (opens in new tab) have pointed out that WDYL isn't a Google tool so much as a marketing tool that could be at the center of an advertising campaign that has yet to launch. If that's the case it is a little strange that Google made it accessible before the marketing campaign officially began.

Google has refrained from commenting on the discovery of the new website but is expected to reveal its intentions behind the product when it officially launches.

When users visit the website they are greeted by a lone search box, next to which is a search button with a heart on it. When a particular search query is typed, the users are redirected to a nicely laid out search results page which contains boxes of Google products that can be used to do the thing they ‘love’.