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Amazon Creates Its Own Online Ad Network

Online retail giant Amazon has come up with its own ad network, a move that is likely to strengthen the company’s hold in the ad business.

Its been a while since Google emerged as the king of the online ad business, driven largely by its strength in the online search market. But this newly launched ad network by Amazon could shake things up quite a bit.

Many observers feel that a healthy competition between the two internet giants could help the market grow at a more rapid, and consistent rate. Google has recently come under scrutiny from the US Department of Justice for potential anti-competitive practices.

According to reports, Amazon is busy purchasing web advertising inventory, only to be selling it at a premium price later. Also, the company is using its existing customers’ data to make the ad-service more accurate and effective.

"To be selected to provide technology to a company as technically advanced as Amazon is humbling and incredibly exciting," Zachery Coelius, Triggit's chief executive officer said, SF Gate (opens in new tab) reports.

"We are looking forward to working with the Amazon team to hopefully bring some of the amazing innovation they have brought to ecommerce to the world of advertising,” he added.