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AntiSec Releases Sensitive Government And Corporate Data

Newly formed hacker collective AntiSec has released a truckload of sensitive data belonging to various governments as well as entertainment companies Universal Music Group and Viacom.

AntiSec, which is comprised of members of the disbanded hacker group LulzSec and Anonymous, released a batch of files for download on file sharing platform The Pirate Bay on Tuesday.

The files leaked by the hacker group include network data belonging to the governments of Zimbabwe, Australia and Anguilla. The group also released user names and passwords belonging to the Universal Music Group website and server information on TV giant Viacom.

“This chest of booty may not be interesting for everyone, but rest assured: #AntiSec vessels are keeping lots of very valuable loot aboard; the crews are currently working hard to sort the loot in a way that even the lousy media sailboats are able to just grab it and sail away. You will be hearing very soon of us,” the group said in a message posted alongside the download package, CNET (opens in new tab)reports.

The release comes only a few days after LulzSec decided to disband the group after 50 days of hacking and sacking servers belonging to organisations including the US Senate and the CIA.