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Apple's TV Sets To Hit The Stores In 2012?

Apple may be planning to roll out its own TV sets next year, and thus attack a new market segment, Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster (opens in new tab) has suggested.

Apple is really good at putting everything into one box within a coherent ecosystem, for which people are prepared to pay that bit extra, Munster stated during a recent radio interview.

"People are much more willing to pay $1,200 for something Apple puts together that's all nice and neat than go try and tie it all together themselves", the analyst remarked about the company's consumer base.

The tech giant has a huge patent portfolio of TV technologies and appears to consider that a 25-by-50-inch TV would be a success among consumers, Munster said.

This is not Apple's first venture into the land of television with Apple TV already being part of the company's portfolio. Unfortunately for the tech giant, Apple TV has not been anywhere near as successful as the iPhone or the iPad.

For a quick reminder, Apple TV is a set-top box which users can connect to their TV set and rent movies. Apple TV is simply a "hobby" for Steve Jobs and is currently maintained on life-support by Apple.

Many analysts have called the product "Apple's first failure". Could Apple TV sets be Apple's second failure?

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