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Apple's iOS More Secure Than Android According To Symantec

New research has claimed that Apple’s iOS platform is more secure than rival Google’s Android mobile operating system.

According to research conducted by anti-virus maker Symantec, iOS was better protected than Android in three out of five types of malicious attacks, which include viruses and data loss, the (opens in new tab)Te (opens in new tab)legraph (opens in new tab) reports.

In the remaining two categories, web oriented attacks and social engineering attacks, the two platforms were neck to neck in terms of security.

The Symantec report also discovered that security features on Apple’s platform were better deployed than in Google Android. The company also said that iOS was better than Android when it comes to encryption and access control.

The report also concluded that on the whole, mobile platforms in general were better protected than traditional computers.

“While more secure than traditional PCs, these platforms are still vulnerable to many traditional attacks,” Carey Nachenberg of Symantec Security Technology and Response told The Inquirer (opens in new tab).

“Moreover, enterprise employees are increasingly using unmanaged, personal devices to access sensitive enterprise resources, and then connecting these devices to 3rd-party services outside of the governance of the enterprise, potentially exposing key assets to attackers.”