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Data Generated This Year Would Fill 115 Billion 16 GB iPads Reports IDC

A report released by the IDC has revealed that the volume of digital data that will be generated this year will be enough to fill 115 billion 16GB Apple iPads.

The research firm said that this year, 1.8 Zettabytes of data will be generated, more than last year’s 1.2 Zettabytes. The data generated last year could fill around 75 billion Apple iPads.

The ‘Extracting Value from Chaos’ study conducted by IDC, which was sponsored by storage service provider EMC, highlighted the rise in the amount of digital information each year and the increase in complexity that comes with handling the data.

IDC said that even though the rise in digital data presented complexity issues, it also presented opportunity for businesses to offer analytics and business intelligence tools that help organisations make some sense out of the data.

“The real opportunity is what people do with this data. Figuring out what is the value of different pieces of information and how to extract that value. Businesses have fewer resources to deal with this. They have fewer people to manage this data, and these employees need to get smarter with dealing with data,” said Stephen Minton of IDC.