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Hollywood Goes After British Usenet Site

A group of Hollywood film studios has filed a lawsuit against Britain’s Internet service provider (ISP) BT for hosting a website that continuous to offer pirated versions of English movies.

Hollywood film studios have demanded an injunction from the High Court of London in order to force BT to block the website Newzbin which they allege promotes film piracy in the country, The Telegraph (opens in new tab)reports.

On Monday the group, which is supported by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and Hollywood studios including Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Fox, and Disney, will try to obtain an order to block the website that hosts hundreds of links for pirated version of films, television series, software and music.

"Newzbin has no regard for UK law and it is unacceptable that it continues to infringe copyright on a massive and commercial scale when it has been ordered to stop by the High Court," stated MPA chief in Europe Chris Marcich.

He added that the association had tried other ways to get the site to stop promoting piracy, without success.

Newzbin is essentially a simplified way to look for files on Usenet, and it does not actually host pirated files itself. Many people believe that sites should only be legally liable for files that they actually host, not just for providing search and directory features.