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HP To Develop Cloud Computing Products in China Informs Apothekar

The chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard Co. has said that the company will develop cloud computing products in China.

CEO Leo Apotheker, on Wednesday revealed company’s plan to develop cloud computing products after the launch of HP Cloud Executive Briefing Centre in Tianjin, a city near the capital city of China yesterday.

According to tech website PC World, Apothekar stated that the company aims at offering infrastructural, operational and processing services to its customers from the centre dedicated to the development of cloud products.

“It is in China, for China, but also for the world because the R&D capabilities here in China, we want to leverage for other markets as well.” Apothekar stated while addressing a press conference in Beijing.

The company has not revealed any details about the number of employees to work at the centre nor given any details about the cost of developing cloud based products.

Apothekar, who took over the post of chief executive at Palo Alto, California-based HP in November last year has international expansion, better development of products to check declining share in the market growth chart and rise in revenue from software sector, on his mind.

HP has built a good relationship with China ever since it opened business in the country in 1985.