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IBM Study Reflects Rise In Demand For Hi-Tech Healthcare Products

A new study conducted by International Business Machines highlights the rise in demand for hi-tech healthcare products.

The study [PDF] conducted by the IBM Institute of Business Value interviewed more than 1,300 consumers that were using healthcare devices.

The company said that people were demanding newer health devices that are low on complexity and come with a high level of information sharing capabilities.

The demand for next generation healthcare device is being fuelled by a rising need for people to connect better with their doctors and reduce their visits to a hospital or clinic. Users also want to connect with people with similar interests and medical issues.

“People want to take a more active role in managing their healthcare – both to reduce costs and improve their quality of life," said Katherine Holland, general manager, IBM Life Sciences,” said Katherine Holland, general manager, IBM Life Sciences.

"Device makers have a great opportunity to fulfil this need – but to be successful, they must partner to ensure they have the blend of skills, consumer understanding and healthcare expertise", she added.

The company also said that in the near future, healthcare device pertaining to dieting, elder care, blood monitoring, mobility and communication will be available to consumers.