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iPhone 5 And iPad 2 More Secure Than Android Rivals, Symantec Finds

Apple's iOS offers more protection against malware threats than Android, a recent Symantec report reveals. iOS users enjoy "full protection" against malware attacks, while Android users are a lot more vulnerable since their OS offers "little protection" against malware, the security giant found, AppleInsider (opens in new tab) reports.

Apple's iOS scored very high in terms of protection against data loss, data integrity attacks and service attacks, while Android was better than iOS only in terms of isolation.

The Cupertino-based giant checks thoroughly every app prior to releasing it in its App Store. This creates a solid security barrier which stops "malware attacks, data loss attacks, data integrity attacks, and denial of service attacks."

Since no OS is 100% secure, iOS does indeed have some security vulnerabilities, although most of them are minor issues which would allow the attacker to control only one single process, not the entire iOS gadget, the report states.

However, there are a few vulnerabilities could allow attackers to access all data and services on iOS devices, the report warns.

This should be a wake-up call for all iOS fans who think Apple products are malware-proof. Of course, jailbroken devices are more vulnerable to attacks but Apple fans are ignoring this fact and continue to jailbreak their gadgets, although the company has specifically warned them not to do so.

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