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Microsoft Windows Phone 8 To Be Called Tango?

After Windows Phone 7.5 AKA Mango, Microsoft may be mulling plans to release a new update called Tango, according to sources based in Taiwan.

Digitimes reports that at least one makor ODM maker, Compal Communications, has acquired the license to use the existing Mango platform and its successor, Tango.

Compal will apparently be launching Mango-based smartphones in the fourth quarter of the year with a surge in orders due to Nokia's adoption of the Windows Phone platform and additional potential orders coming from the likes of Acer and LG Electronics.

The Taiwanese manufacturer shipped just under four million smartphones last year and will fall well short of its 50 per cent growth target; this has been readjusted to a mere 4.5 million units for 2011.

Microsoft launched Mango only a few weeks ago and the major update showed the company's ambition to deliver a compelling alternative solution that can compete on equal footing with Google's Android and Apple's iOS platforms.

All major mobile phone manufacturers including ZTE and Huawei, have confirmed that they will be releasing a Windows Phone 7 handset by the end of the year, and the fact that there is a legal Damocles' sword hanging over Android handset manufacturers might actually give Microsoft a welcomed boost.