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Microsoft Xbox 360 Is Having Trouble In Japan

Microsoft is having a hard time selling its Xbox 360 gaming console in Japan even as it continues to dominate the North American market.

According to an article on Adria Sang (opens in new tab), data from a popular Japanese Xbox 360 magazine reports that the company sold merely 6,000 units in Japan between May 16 and June 12. Microsoft has sold a total of 1.47 million Xbox 360 units in Japan.

The blog also claimed that the sales of Xbox 360 games also reached an all time low during the month in Japan. Phantom Breaker was the best selling Xbox 360 game, selling 13,300 units followed by Akai Katana Shin with 7,220 units and Portal 2 with 5,240 units

Meanwhile, in North America, Xbox 360 continues to best rivals PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii, selling 270,000 units in the month of May, according to data released by NDP.

The research group also revealed that the console has been dominating the US video games market for the last 11 months. Microsoft has been citing Kinect as the reason for Xbox 360’s increased sales and has even credited Kinect for boosting Xbox 360’s lifecycle.

With the announcement of the Wii U, there have been rumours that the Xbox 360's successor, called the Xbox 720, could be released earlier than originally intended.