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New Study: Radio Improves People's Moods And Boosts Energy

In a recent survey it has been revealed that the traditional mode of entertainment, listening to the Radio, still holds its prominence despite a flair of entertainment devices available in the market. (opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)The report, titled Media and the Mood of the Nation by country’s Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), revealed that Brits who listen to the radio are in a happier state than those who are hooked to television and surfing the Internet, The Telegraph (opens in new tab) reports.

People also reported a 100 percent increase in happiness and 300 percent increase in energy compared to people who did not regularly consume any type of media.

The survey report, which is based on the responses of over 1,000 Britons who were polled on their opinion through a smartphone, was conducted by Sparkler Research.

“People are the happiest and most energetic when listening to radio. It plays an important emotional role in people’s lives. People use radio as a lifestyle support system and to make themselves feel better about their lives,” said RAB planning director Mark Barber.

The study also included scanning the brain of six people, three men and three women, to record its activity level during when listening to radio or watching TV. The scans showed that the human brain is more responsive to audio signals.