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Noon News: AntiSec Releases Sensitive Data, Google Swiffy Converts Flash To HTML 5, Orange Unveils Monte Carlo

Newly formed hacker collective AntiSec has released a truckload of sensitive data belonging to various governments as well as entertainment companies Universal Music Group and Viacom. AntiSec, which is comprised of members of the disbanded hacker group LulzSec and Anonymous, released a batch of files for download on file sharing platform The Pirate Bay on Tuesday.

Google developed new software to convert Flash files into HTML5, which can be rendered on devices without Flash support. According to tech website CNET, Google launched this latest web-based tool in its Google Labs called Swiffy which will enable users to convert a Flash-supported file to HTML5 so that it can be used on devices that do not support Adobe’s Flash Technology, most notably Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Online retail giant Amazon has come up with its own ad network, a move that is likely to strengthen the company’s hold in the ad business. It’s been a while since Google emerged as the king of the online ad business, driven largely by its strength in the online search market. But this newly launched ad network by Amazon could shake things up quite a bit.

The ZTE Skate, which we saw at Mobile World Congress, has finally been released in the UK and renamed by Orange as the Monte Carlo; the mobile phone operator ought to have high hopes on this model given the success of its predecessor, the Orange San Francisco, AKA ZTE Blade or OSF.

Educational products manufacturer LeapFrog has launched LeapPad, a computer tablet aimed at helping children learn. LeapFrog Enterprises, an Emeryville, California-based company which designs and develops educational toys has developed an alternative for the latest range of computer tablets put out by tech companies like Apple and Samsung, IB Times reports.

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