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Sony Shakes Up Its Management Team

Sony has announced two high profile changes in the management of its video game unit in the aftermath of the massive cyber attack it faced in April.

The company announced that Kaz Hirai, the president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment unit will now function as the chairman of the division, while Andrew House, the head of SCE’s European division will replace him as the division’s new CEO.

“We are facing new challenges this year, such as the successful launch of PlayStation Vita and further growth of PS3 platform as well as expansion of non-gaming business,” said Hirai, VideoGamer (opens in new tab)reports.

“ I'm confident that the skills and expertise Andy has gained over two decades working for Sony and SCE Group will contribute enormously in leading the PlayStation business and to bring new initiatives in managing the business in the networked era,” he added.

Sony said that House’s position as the head of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Europe division will be filled by Jim Ryan.

The company also announced the retirement of SCEI honorary chairman Ken Kutaragi, who will continue to function as the company’s senior technology advisor. Also, the company’s chairman Akira Sato will retire from his role.