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UK ASA Slams Virgin Media Over Misleading Ads

The UK Advertising Standards Authority has slammed ISP Virgin Media over the ‘Stop the Broadband Con’ campaign.

The ASA was acting on eight complaints bought forward by Virgin Media rivals BT and Sky. In its decision, the ASA upheld all eight complaints filed against Virgin Media.

The ‘Stop the Broadband Con’ ad campaign was aimed at highlighting that internet service providers don’t deliver the broadband speeds that they advertise.

The ASA has ordered Virgin Media to not to use the ad again in the future. The offending campaign took place in December last year.

BT and SKY had complained that the ad was derogatory to their image and indicated that it portrayed that they were dishonest with their customers. The ASA also declared that Virgin Media was misleading customers by claiming that it was alone in providing internet speed information to their customers.

BT also argued that Virgin Media was misleading customers by not including its Infinity service in its claims that Virgin Media provided twice as fast internet speeds than its rivals.

“The claims 'Not getting the broadband speed you're paying for' and 'Stop the broadband con' [were] likely to be interpreted as suggesting other ISPs dealt with consumers dishonestly in relation to broadband speeds, rather than as highlighting Virgin's concerns about the disparity,” the ASA ruled.