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Al-Qaeda Forums Attacked And Knocked Offline

An online forum used by terror group al-Qaeda to post its media and propaganda on the web has been knocked offline.

An article on PC World reveals that a terrorism expert has claimed that Al-Shamukh, the forum used by al-Qaeda, was knocked offline by separate attacks made on its domain names and servers.

Evan Kohlmann of Flashpoint Partners said in an email that such cyber attacks have to be co-ordinated though he does not know how and why it was carried out. He said that separate attacks started about 72 hours ago.

“I really can't say for certain how or why this happened, other than that it involved apparently separate attacks on both the domain name and data server used by al-Qaeda's trusted forum, Al-Shamukh,” he said.

Kohlmann, who is an expert in tracking the terror group’s online activities, said that there were major jihadist forums still online, but they were not as trusted by al-Qaeda as Al-Shamukh had been.

The cyber expert was the first to tweet that Al-Shamukh’s primary web domain used by its chat forums was hijacked by hackers. He later reported that the entire website was down along with two more popular forums used by terror groups.

Although al-Qaeda has the forums backed up, but they do not have a forum for current discussion.