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AntiSec Reveals Arizona Police Officers Online Dating Details

On Wednesday a group of hackers released a fresh batch of information said to have been stolen from Arizona Police department servers.

AntiSec, a group of unnamed hackers, mostly from Anonymous and the recently disbanded LulzSec, has taken responsibility for the cyber attack, stating that it hacked the email server of the police department in order to collect the data consisting of personal information such as names and contact details, their voice mails, chat details, pictures of their girlfriends as well as details of web dating accounts of a number of Arizona police officers.

According to Reuters, the hacking group, which has uploaded several internal and confidential documents of the department over web, is opposed to the state’s harsh immigration laws.

The batch of documents released was titled, "Chinga La Migra," a Spanish phrase that clarifies their protest against the immigration law in the state.

"We are targeting AZDPS (Arizona Department of Public Safety) specifically because we are against SB 1070 and the racial profiling anti-immigrant police state that is Arizona," read the statement issued by the group of hackers, CNN (opens in new tab)reports.

The group has promised to reveal more embarrassing details about the officers as well as other military and law enforcement organisations in the US.