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China Blocks Google+ Within One Day Of Release

Google+ has only been released to a select group of users for field trial, but the Chinese government didn't waste any time blocking the new service from its borders.

According to tech website TechCrunch (opens in new tab), the Chinese government did not waste a day in highlighting its strict web policies and blocking the latest social networking service announced by Google on Wednesday.

China has already blocked access to websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Four Square in line with its policy to prevent access to media that it cannot control or influence.

While Google has been trying to make peace with the government in order to do some business in China, the ban on Google+ has come as a something of a disappointment.

According to Asian tech websites, Google+ hasn't actually been blacklisted as with some other sites, but access to it is so slow that the service is unusable. This could be a soft-ban, allowing China to remove the block without appearing to have reversed positions.

Although Google has yet to respond to the partial block, chairman Eric Schmidt, expressed his concern for increasing web censorship and the difficulties that some governments create for open media and Google employees.