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Facebook Demands Access To Ceglia's Court Submissions

Social networking giant Facebook is demanding access to the materials that Paul Ceglia submitted to the court so that it can examine them.

The company has filed a request to be allowed to access the evidence provided by Ceglia with a court in Buffalo, New York. Facebook has additionally requested permission to access Ceglia’s computers to have its own forensics experts examine them.

Paul Ceglia has filed a lawsuit against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in which he claims that according to an agreement signed by Zuckerberg, Ceglia owns half the multi-billion dollar company. In a recent round of funding, the social media firm was valued at around $80 billion.

The Buffalo court will hear Facebook’s arguments and consider its requests in a hearing scheduled for Thursday.

Meanwhile, the two law firms that were representing Ceglia in its battle with Facebook have decided to quit. In a court filing, the firms told the court that another law firm will be representing Ceglia from now on. They declined to give a reason for their departure citing client-attorney privileges, The Los Angeles Times reports.

Ever since Ceglia filed his lawsuit, Facebook has said that the claims are baseless and has even go as far as calling Ceglia a scam artist.