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Google Docs' Spreadsheet App Having Issues But Not Down Yet

The migration to the new Google Docs user interface is apparently having some teething issues as a number of users are reporting having trouble accessing the spreadsheet module of the company's online office apps.

The other applications: word processing, presentation and drawing, do not seem to be affected at present. A few users reported that Google Docs was down yesterday but things have apparently got worse since this morning with users from as far as Poland reporting that Google is either throwing up 502 errors, running slow, displaying "trying to reach", or preventing users from editing a particular field, all in a rather erratic way.

It is unknown whether the trouble was linked to Google's surprise transition across all its services to the new user interface, that saw the online giant roll out a few updates featuring a black top bar and an overall online experience that hinges on three key principles; focus, elasticity and effortlessness.

We've pinged @Googledocs and are awaiting an answer from them; in the meantime, you can always keep track of what's going on through Twitter (using the #googledocs) or as one user suggests, download the document and edit it offline (assuming you have an editor), so much for cloud computing.