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Google Ideas Organises Anti-Extremism Conference In Dublin

In the latest in its attempts to live up to the slogan, Don't Be Evil, Google Ideas has organised a three day summit against violent extremism in Dublin, Ireland.

Google’s new division, Google Ideas organised a three days long summit bringing together nearly 220 delegates, including former gang members, jihadis, right wing extremists, or religious militants. The summit is also being attended by survivors of extreme violence.

Among the 220 delegates were Rudi Corpuz, a former street gang member from Los Angeles, a retired major of Pakistan Army, and Abu Muntasir who run an Islamic charity in the United Kingdom, reported the Christian Science Monitor (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab).

“The objective was to give people permission to speak about violent extremism. Radicalism that leads to, or provides the mood music for violent extremism is the problem. The radicalism that operates within a political framework isn’t a problem,” said famous Islamist, Es Hussain.

The Summit Against Violent Extremism (SAVE) was organised in Ireland's capital Dublin from June 26 to June 29 by Google Idea, also called the ‘think-do tank’, headed by Jared Cohen. The department which is run out of New York works to develop technological solutions to solve problems facing developing countries.