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Google Profiles Will Link Authors Directly To Their Work Online

Google has launched a new feature that would allow content authors to link their Google Profiles with their content on Google search results.

In a blog post (opens in new tab), the company announced a new pilot program for content creators who have linked their Google Profiles with their content.

“Authorship is a great way to identify and highlight high-quality content. Plus, the web is centered around people. People discovering content on the web often want to learn more about its author, see other content by that author, and even interact with the author,” Google explained.

The feature, which is powered by the authorship markup that Google announced two weeks ago, will allow an author's name and photo to appear next to their content on Google search results using their Profiles.

Google will also be able to automatically link the content on the authors’ Google Profiles. The feature is aimed at providing improved search experience and content quality.

Google has been working to increase the quality of their search results over the last few months with the Panda updates, which dropped the rankings of many online content farm.

Authors interested to take part in the pilot program can learn how to do so by visiting Google’s Help (opens in new tab)Center.