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Heineken, Google Sign Multi-Million Euro Online Advertising Deal

Beer maker Heineken has signed a multi-million euro digital advertising deal with search engine giant Google.

According to The Financial Times, the deal covers more than 20 international markets.

Heineken has agreed to make a certain amount of adverting investment with Google and will not only get coverage on a wide variety of Google products and services, but also Google’s search data. Heineken will also get certain discounts under the deal.

The company, which has an annual marketing budget of £1.9 billion, will get access to a host of Google products and website for advertisement.

“[Google] knows their media better than anyone else [and] have access to an immense source of information ... I don’t think any traditional advertising agency will know about Google’s business as well as Google knows about its business. The expertise they bring is unique,” Alexis Nasard, Heineken’s chief commercial officer told The Financial Times while attending the Cannes Lions festival last week.

Google said that its expertise will let Heineken access a wide consumer base and provide data on targeted audience. The company said that it expects other brands to partner with Google in the future.

Interestingly, the beer maker is also engaged in talks with companies like Facebook for forging similar deals.